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Music will always be my greatest passion. There are still the concerts. But now I am no longer recording an album a year as I did in my teens. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:Japanese Judoka Mitsuyo Maeda, who was personally trained by Judo’s founder Jigoro Kano, moved to Brazil. He was also trained by one of Kano’s instructors Tsunejiro Tomita as a… Read more →

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With this project, The Foundation is taking a stand to support and inspire women everywhere at a time when it is most important. Through partnerships with MAKERS and the High School of Fashion Industries, The Barneys New York Foundation created custom video content that highlights strong women in society, which launches February 3rd through the end of the month to… Read more →

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Coca Cola is not a company that is interested in divide conquer strategy. They are an extremely aggressive company that believes in expansion acquisition, and up to date their strategy has been working well for them. Pepsi is consistently losing market share in all open markets and that number will continue to fall provided Coca Cola maintains their implementation strategy… Read more →