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But then, Nike already has done this in 2011 and 2012. And as most people see Brazil playing at the World Cup, they don see the versions of the iconic jersey. Fortunately, at least to my knowledge, Brazil never wore these with yellow pants as this would have been sacrilegious. Western historians, anthropologists and adventures have written volumes about the… Read more →

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I advise gluing in the right shoulder directly to the chest piece because the shoulder cannon will attach to it. If it was not attached, it would probably be too heavy to support correctly. The left shoulder can be detached. He was always very proud of his Serbian roots, and people don’t actually know that much about him. I am… Read more →

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The best professional advice I have ever gotten is from my father who told me to always believe in myself. My father always encourages me when I am either afraid, or questioning my own capabilities as a student leader. For example, when I was asked to introduce the former executive director of Global innovation for NIKE at the Mark Conference… Read more →

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And, speaking of making things more personal, the patient spotlights feature each patient as they briefly explain their situation/obsession to someone off camera (a hypothetical interviewer). These are filmed in vertical, otherwise known as “cellphone” format again, an effect notorious among social media users, especially on YouTube. Why did Nike make this stylistic choice? I think they were, again, trying… Read more →

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You might not learn anything new about 20th century American history from “America in Color,” a docu series on the Smithsonian Channel, but the program might make you feel differently about that history. A few splashes of color will do that. The five part series, which begins on Sunday night, is being promoted as “one of the most ambitious colorizing… Read more →