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Also, using a towel to regularly dry your hands, arms and your grip during breaks helps greatly as well. There still definitely a general agreement among players that lower tensions correspond to more perceived power due to other factors not directly related to energy return. I usually do ten feet for the short side on racquets with 16 mains and… Read more →

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At the heart of this lies what you might call the paradox of ephemeral communications. Their instantaneous, insubstantial ease is perfect for sharing and debating the most important questions of our time. But it also breeds a newly knotty historical problem because all this sharing and debate mean precious little, in the long term, if you don also know what… Read more →

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Very capable with science and technology, humans do their best to run the world, and most everyone else is content to let them, for the time being. When confronted with things they don understand, they tend to panicWarrior Background:You spent your whole life fighting one thing or another. You never again have to worry about overextending your reach and accidentally… Read more →

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I like half sure about all this5:50 One has full length sleeves, earmuffs, gloves, and regular glasses. Other just has gloves. Wonder what the PPE recommended for that is.5:55 footswitch for something, I curious what kind of safety equipment that overhead ply sucker has. Looking over my shoulder as I turned, I could see somebody in jogging bottoms closing in… Read more →

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Since becoming Washington’s starting quarterback in 2015, Cousins has completed 1,034 of 1,525 attempts (67.8 percent) for 12,121 yards, 73 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. His passer rating of 99.7 over that span ranksfifth among22quarterbacks with at least 1,000 pass attempts. Only two future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, and the 2016 MVP, Matt Ryan, have a higher… Read more →