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I said to him, ‘Well same for me here’. It was nice to share that moment on Centre Court together.” Chat over, Federer went out to serve for the match. He won the first point of the game with a service winner, and then came this shout from the crowd: “Give him a chance, Roger.”. Will any of this matter?… Read more →

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Ms. Safra A. Catz has been appointed as Independent Director of the Company effective February 1, 2018. I did so because that is my current academic affiliation. But when I did so I did not realize the full implications that has. I deeply sorry for that, but it was a mistake born out of carelessness and inexperience and nothing more.… Read more →

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Simply put, they are consumer brands which are supposedly responsible and cannot favour something which is least controversial. It is not easy for them to show support in favour of someone convicted and hope for public sympathy to be with them. An odd irony that when Salman gets maximum news, his brand partners will have to desert him.. He danced… Read more →

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My sister was just there visiting family, and she brought back a lot of Etude House stuff and mentioned that there were quite a few brick and mortar Korean brands in Manila if that something you were looking to try out. As far as local brands, my cousins are big fans of Human Heart Nature (especially the Sunflower Oil) and… Read more →

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The plant produced numerous flowers each year. Last year it bloomed twice, once in the late spring and then in late summer. Both times there were many branches and stems that produced lots of roses. To make matters worse, workers reported a culture that used fear of being fired to push them to work ever faster. Employees say they were… Read more →

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He dressed his rodents in polyester, cotton, wool and polyester cotton blend pants to determine the different textiles effects on sex drive. The professor at Cairo University in Egypt, who died in 2007, found that rats that wore polyester or polyester blend pants displayed less sexual activity, perhaps because of the electrostatic charges created by polyester. He suggested that the… Read more →

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The floating structures look like a star and have been designed by an architecture named Koen Olthuis from Waterstudio, NL. These mini cities will have beautiful green roof terraces, interior pools and beaches, while the inside space will be well concealed under the terrace. The methods used to erect these huge structures won’t disturb the aquatic environment in any sense..… Read more →

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While these specifications were being made, the design on the medals also gained consistency over time. Almost since the Amsterdam Games in 1928, the obverse side of the medal has carried the picture of Nike (The Greek Goddess of victory) with the picture of the Panathinaiko stadium in Athens, where the first Modern Games in 1896 were held, in the… Read more →