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Shopping on Taobao may be where the retail action is, but I enjoy digging in “institutional” stores such as Tianyuan Lisheng () in Wangfujing, a four story store that, in pre market economy days, was probably considered mega. Although more than half of its stocks comprise of those by major Western brands, there are plentiful that will probably fail in… Read more →

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They also like really big shirts. Guys wear skinny jeans, plaid shirts, neon sneakers, and just tighter clothing overall. In the 9 months of being here, I have only purchased around 4 or 5 shirts and 2 skirts. Recent shots of a craggy Mick Jagger performing in a graphic print black and white jacket with matching Stephen Jones trilby call… Read more →

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If you sat and listened to him, that wouldn’t seem nearly as ironic as you think. He also said he wasn’t ready to die. He said he needed to warn the world about the perils of an overabundant society, change their views on euthanasia, and help re establish the glory of the 9th amendment.. In addition, having multiple schools at… Read more →

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Air Mail pilot, had emerged from virtual obscurity to almost instantaneous world fame as the result of his Orteig Prize winning solo non stop flight from Roosevelt Field in Garden City on New York’s Long Island to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France, in the single seat, single engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh, an Army reserve officer, was… Read more →

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Keep the new vehicle price down. If you have a growing family and really do need the space of an SUV, find the lowest priced one that fits your needs. For instance, the compact Ford Escape SUV (starting at $23,600) might work for you instead of the midsize Ford Explorer (starting at $31,660). If you don’t have a Newsletter, you… Read more →

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In January 2005, the Company introduced iPod shuffle in the Middle East, a flash memory based digital music player, which is based on iPod’s characteristic feature that selects songs from the user’s music library or playlists in a random way. IPod shuffle works with iTunes and its patent pending AutoFill feature that automatically selects songs to fill iPod shuffle from… Read more →

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Ronaldo did hang around long enough to admit that Portugal had achieved “the bottom line” by qualifying third and were, for long spells, “in dire straits” chasing what he described as an “insane game”. “They attacked, we attacked, there were many goals, it was very hot,” he said. “Three times we had to chase down the scoreboard and equalise and… Read more →

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This is where database assisted marketing management merges with strategic planning. Usually the marketing strategies are of three types, customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. Using the customer analysis, the market is broken down into different types of customers.. To those who think this is the wrong approach, I would argue that it’s you know, not engaging with the… Read more →

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Back in the high life again: Snoop Dogg dropped a video this week that clowned POTUS and his supporters, focusing, really, on a clown figure with a recognizable blond helmet of hair. There’s some faux gun violence (the squirt variety) and after an angry tweet from the White House, it’s gone viral. Watch but not around young people. The study… Read more →