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In todays session Rachel started us off by showing the basic rules for two point perspective and how it differs from one point perspective. To begin with we did a simple two point perspective which gave us the understanding of how you use two vanishing points. This task allowed for me to understand that each corner of the object goes… Read more →

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The website features the ‘My Mahindra’ section, which provides users a chance to view their vehicle service history. Besides, customers also have the option to rate the service advisors who attend their vehicles at the workshop. Further, there is a service cost estimator which provides the estimated cost for parts and labour for the scheduled services.. What’s changed, according to… Read more →

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It seems a shame to cover up a device as beautiful as an Apple iPad with a case. It is important to protect from scratches and damage to the Touchscreen but adding bulk and weight is not always the only answer. The Zagg iPad invisibleSHIELD Full Body barley shows at all while protecting your iPad with Military strength. Mr. CALDWELL:… Read more →

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TIME visited Nike plants in China and Vietnam recently and found them to be modern, clean, well lighted and ventilated, and paying decent wages by local standards although by no means are they trouble free. Make no mistake: these are factories, not amusement parks, and even in developing Asia, where jobs are scarce and getting scarcer, this is not the… Read more →

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The best thing you can do as a diabetic, or the friend/family member of one, is to ensure that minimal numbers of test strips are used on a daily basis. Of course, you do not wish to endanger yourself or the patient. However, testing smart can help save a few test strips each day.. She’s put out solo albums (2008’s… Read more →

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GORDON: Well, that’s a good question. So we tried to actually prevent this. We took the same approach, but soon after we transplanted the communities, we co housed, put in the same cage, a mouse that had received the obese twin’s community and a mouse that had received the lean twin’s community. The workers are provided with a very small… Read more →