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Within sponsorship, celebrity endorser sponsorship is continuing to increase as a key marketing tool because of its ability to access mass markets (Cornwell and Coote, 2005; Slater and Lloyd, 2004; Bloxsome, Voges and Pope, 2011). This increase of usage is also true for the more specific area of Sports Athlete endorsers; including the use of team sponsorships (Biscaia et. Al.,… Read more →

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Pechorin flirts with the character Princess Mary while conducting an affair with his ex lover Vera, not to mention the novel opens with another love interest of Pechorin’s: Bela. And even more villainous, Pechorin ends up murdering his friend Grushnitsky in a way that looked as though his friend had committed suicide. Pechorin moves through society as though people are… Read more →