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How do you keep the women away”. I respond saying that i hope she wouldn’t be able to have an answer after brunch, which makes her laugh. Brunch goes well and 3 days later she offers to buy me dinner to repay me for paying for brunch. She wanted to see the young beauty, she wanted to see her home,… Read more →

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Watching movies or videos will drain the battery sooner than usual. To avoid an untimely shutdown the Apple Digital AV Adapter has both an HDMI port and a charge/sync port. Plug in your charge/sync cable to the Digital AV Adapter and your iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod continuously charge.. How to Do It: Sit in a… Read more →

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So yes, they are very similar in terms of the active ingredient. It is possible that one generic will get you a 3 percent lower concentration than the brand and another can get you a concentration that is 3 percent above the brand and therefore the two generics can be 6% different from each other. Most people will never notice… Read more →

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I along with most educators believe that you must read or listen to something at least seven times before you truly grasp the concepts of the material. Why? Because we are a society of multi taskers. This means that we often do several things at one time; therefore, we don pay enough attention to any one thing and often miss… Read more →

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It made me laugh, and I realized that when I couldn’t come up with ideas for posts, it wasn’t because I wasn’t thinking hard enough it was because I was thinking too hard and the keyboard hated me. When the keyboard hates you it’s like it is willing and forcing you to take a break from writing for a while.… Read more →

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I like Yummy Time near Armstrong (Korean/Japanese/sushi), Maru in Chauncy (Japanese/sushi), Basil Thai in Chauncy (hit or miss Thai food. Sometimes the potatoes are bad or the chicken is rubbery. It delicious when cooked right), Green Leaf (Vietnamese) near Wabash for very cheap food, landing peppercorn kitchen (Sichuan/Chinese) in Wabash landing, and Yatagarasu (Ramen) in Lafayette.. Massive Variety to Match… Read more →

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Environmental History has bridged the gap between the arts and natural sciences to a great extent. Thus, bringing out the mysteries of the nature human relationship on the forefront. Students who are looking out for influential topics for their History Assignment can ponder on Global Sustainability and Environmental Determinism as they are major areas of concern among the human society… Read more →