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Nike Flyknit 3.0 Multicolor

3. It set the stage for Facebook and Twitter sky high valuations. Yes, lofty valuations based on mere speculation were also common back in the dot com fervor of the says Ed Crotty, chief investment officer for Davidson Investment Advisors. Real people know. I’m off the kids getting killed for Jordan’s. I hate that this dude won’t change that. Equity.… Read more →

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I always assumed that the middle class shrank because you became one or the other. You either dropped below the poverty line, for whatever reason, or you struck it big and entered the rich bracket. Though, I would argue it’s unbalanced in favor of the middle class becoming poorer. In addition to being more patient, I am going to change… Read more →

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The ban turned sneakers from just something people wore on their feet to something illicit, something dangerous a status symbol. From there, stores would sell out of limited edition shoes instantly, rappers would make tracks dedicated to their kicks, pundits would spin stories of children being shot for their sneakers, and designers would make shoes into haute couture. But it… Read more →

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“We need a revolution from people in a business that has clout,” said Bonnie Abaunza, who was hired away from a small film company last spring to start Amnesty International’s national office of artist relations. “We are asking them to champion a particular prisoner of conscience. We’re going out actively into the community and asking them to help us take… Read more →

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Venus and Serena Williams in a January 2017 file photo. “I have a great partner relationship with Venus,” Serena said. “She’s been really positive. So as you dig out your preferred furnishings and additions you can help but consciously look at the prices. Everybody knows that decorating isn cheap, but you can do it all for less when you use… Read more →

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When was the last time someone said that they have the cutest kid or the cutest dog in the world. Happens every day. But our love and our pride makes us feel that way and we truly believe it in our hearts. The 3.2 million Americans who work as waiters, waitresses and bartenders include some of the lowest compensated working… Read more →