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Talking to the newspersons at the launch of Shell’s start up incubator cum accelerator, Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India, said that every retail outlet can create 50 70 jobs. “If you do the math, the opening of 1,200 outlets can create close to 1 lakh jobs. Another lakh can come by selling lubricants, servicing other auto sector requirements… Read more →

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Equity joint venture are the favored investment vehicle for most manufacturing Joint Ventures. The profits in equity joint ventures must be allocated according to the ratio of the capital contributions made by the partners. The purpose of contract monitoring procedure is to ensure SP Grant is purchasing efficient and effective services that meet the needs of users, and to identify… Read more →

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The effort isn’t limited to the ignition switch recall, which four years ago spurred GM and other automakers to dig through latent case files for safety risks that got buried by corporate bureaucracy, missteps or indifference. In 2014, when the auto industry shattered its previous record with more than 50 million vehicles recalled. Vehicles GM recalled in 2014 have been… Read more →