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Cosby’s comments betray the ugly generational divide in black America. His disregard for the hip hop generation is not unique, but it is still disheartening. Cosby’s poisonous view of young folk who speak a language he can barely parse simmers with hostility and resentment. They are likely girding for a contentious fight:Rep. Kevin Brady (R Tex.), chairman of the House… Read more →

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SLA printers consistently produce higher resolution objects and are more accurate than FDM printers. The reason: The resolution is primarily determined by the optical spot size either of the laser or the projector and that is really small. Moreover, during printing less force is applied to the model. But don worry: you are from God and will overcome them, because… Read more →

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This fluctuation not only confuses shoppers, but also increases the stigma against larger sizes. We’ve become less familiar and therefore less comfortable seeing larger sizes sitting on the shelves sizes 12, 14, 16. Women don’t want to buy themselves clothing in these sizes, and thus designers are only less likely to design clothes whose tags bear those sizes. Because most… Read more →