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Look, as someone who actually gets very high scores by studying a ridiculous amount, don sweep this under the rug. I spoken with a lot of professors about academic cheating because it something that always frustrates me. When he does this, he is devaluing you and your classmates integrity and work. This week Emma Coburn of the United States took… Read more →

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Its products are sold across the world and worn by athletes at all levels, from youth to professional, on playing fields around the globe, as well as by consumers with active lifestyles. The Company sells its branded apparel, footwear and accessories in North America through its wholesale and direct to consumer channels. As of December 31, 2016, the Company had… Read more →

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He vividly remembers sitting with his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, and feeling the tremors. “We’re looking at each other going, ‘Oh my god,’ and it’s getting worse and worse. I told her, ‘I need to become Lance Hansen as soon as possible,’ ” Armstrong said in a 2016 interview with The Washington Post, suggesting he adopt his longtime girlfriend’s last name..… Read more →

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They are riding a wave of incredible success this year that should help sales for next year,” says Freedman.So far, there seems to be room for both Under Armour and Nike to play and profit in many sports. Both stocks are at all time highs as Americans shift to “athleisure” wear. But Under Armour stock is pulling ahead so far… Read more →

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The study has been seen by Chicago aid workers, some of whom dispute its findings.”It’s a classic example of an economist trying to tackle a very complicated problem just by looking at numbers,” Samir Goswami, associate director of policy at the Chicago Homeless Coalition, told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s flawed because the numbers do not explain the social situation these… Read more →

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Eating Fruit in a Healthy WayOne of my early teachers came back from a vacation to Hawaii and straight to the hospital. She had, in fact, been hospitalized near the end of her island vacation. The diagnosis she received was “pineapple poisoning.” She’d eaten massive quantities of fresh pineapple daily for nearly two weeks and the acid and/or excessive vitamin… Read more →

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Once you manage to do that you actually enjoy the moment.”Set yourself up for success.Ana takes a positive, can do attitude when motivating herself. “There are many times I don’t feel like going to work out, but I know if I do I’ll feel better,” she says. “You have to have a nice environment as well good music to stimulate… Read more →