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While FDI projects made great contribution to Vietnam’s economy such as contributing more than 21.7% of total social investment capital and paying more than USD 13 billion in taxes, they also posed threats and placed enormous strain on Vietnam’s environment quality and natural resources which should be addressed to promote sustainable development in Vietnam. According to the Brundtland Report, sustainable… Read more →

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Example: $50,000K in direct loans at 7% interest and earning $50,000/year. Putting $18000/year in 401K makes income $32,000/year. On REPAYE that makes your loan $1392/year but interest is $3500/year. How to Introduce Your New Puppy to Your Resident DogA new puppy is an exciting but stressful experience for a resident dog and the rest of the household. If you decide… Read more →

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But what about me? they wanted to know. Had I been homesick? Happy? Had I made friends? I can’t remember what I told them, but I’m sure that I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. They’d had such high hopes for my summer with the Quaker nudists. Believe the campaign aligns to Nike brand DNA, Tracy writes. Believe Nike is… Read more →

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Mercy Investment Services filed a shareholder resolution in late December asking Dick’s to take steps including stopping the sale of assault style weapons. Sister Valerie Heinonen, the group’s director of shareholder advocacy, said she and a group of nuns met with Dick’s executives, including Stack, in January to discuss the company’s approach to selling weapons. Heinonen says she left feeling… Read more →

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Barry’s campaign rhetoric has tended not to dwell on particular policies but on familiar Barry themes: being a voice for the voiceless, an advocate for the underclass in a city leaving it behind. It’s Marion Barry’s words that come out of Marion Christopher Barry’s mouth. Cooper last year. The time of practicing is lasting for over 20 minutes and 30… Read more →

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These contracts help to reduce the company expenses in ways that are considered illegal according to Dominican Republic law. These contracts did two things, first they changed worker schedules to what is called a 4 schedule. Workers work a twelve hour shift for four days in a row and then are off for four days. “Exercise actually is protective, but… Read more →