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Influencer marketing has been around for as long as advertising has existed. Earlier, it was celebrities selling you everything from soap to shirts, plastered on billboards. Those billboards have moved to our screens, increasingly replacing celebrities with social media stars. Prior to joining Data Domain, Mr. Schneider served as Vice President of Alliances, Channel and OEM Sales for Borland Software… Read more →

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The mountain is home to the world’s largest observatory (and biggest collection of telescopes) for optical, infrared, and submillimeter astronomy. Hawaii Forest Trail’s Mauna Kea Summit Stars Adventure takes guests from sea level to the mountain’s peak for sunset, where temps average 32 degrees, followed by high powered stargazing. Hawai’i Forest Trail will provide everything you need including a hooded… Read more →

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Raja Chulan was next and again traffic control were great. I grabbed a cup of water, took 2 sips and doused the remaining content on my cap. It was very humid. And writing are all about self expression. The right accessories are the perfect way to personalize your style, said Ariann Langsam, Director of Consumer Marketing. You reach for a… Read more →

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And we see it in basketball as well when the old timers are talking about how Steph Curry and the Warriors are playing basketball different from the way they know. But the game is changing, and the one thing about baseball that we love and care about with baseball more than anything is its traditions. But here’s the problem the… Read more →