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People often remember the 1936 Olympics in Berlin for track and field legend Jesse Owens taking home four gold medals, essentially triumphing over Adolf Hitler’s hateful ideologies in his own backyard. Olympic team brave enough to attend the games in Nazi Germany. This summer marks the 80th anniversary of those games, and the athletes’accomplishments are perhaps even more significant all… Read more →

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As Scarlett awaits the baby’s arrival, she chokes down bitter medicinal stews and spars with her imperious housemates. The only one who fits in even less is Daisy, a spirited teenager and fellow unwed mother who is being kept apart from her American boyfriend. Then a new sonogram of Scarlett’s baby reveals the unexpected. He also explained some intricacies of… Read more →

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Ethiopia’s government relies on support in rural areas. About 80 per cent of the population of around 90 million live outside towns and cities. An extensive political apparatus reaches down to household level, and according to critics, the regime’s cadres often double as agricultural development agents. Jordan is a kingdom which is situated on the East Bank of the River… Read more →

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Interesting general question, to me, is when do we trust our experience and when do we listen to science, Stafford added. Some things we don’t need science for ( dropping a rock on my foot hurt? and some things we do ( smoking bad for my health? Happiness, I’d argue, is in between these two cases. Investigation between experience and… Read more →

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Thus Nike (a champion of so called “closed loop” manufacturing that minimises industrial pollution) has initiated a new programme called Mata no Peito a Portuguese colloquialism for “taking on a challenge” by helping protect Brazilian forest ecosystems. Unilever has pledged to source all its raw materials from sustainable sources by 2020. Kenya’s Safaricom has integrated gender equality into its internal… Read more →

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“I’ll be honest with you, I think it’s a narrative you guys [in the media] have created,” he said, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’ll see. I haven’t really met him. He is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Fortune Brands, Inc. Mr. Wesley joined Fortune Brands in 1984 and became President and Chief Operating Officer of Fortune… Read more →