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Reported domestic comparable sales were up 4.5 percent year over year. On Tuesday, Home Depot Inc. Delivered a whopping 7.9 percent increase in comparable sales thanks partly to hurricane related spending, but also because it’s just doing a good job of selling people appliances and tools.And for those three companies, the solid results were not outliers; they can reasonably be… Read more →

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Nelson’s cottonseed is trucked from the Shallowater gin to the Plains Cooperative Oil Mill (PCOM), on the east side of Lubbock. The PCOM was born in the late 1930s as a desperate act of self defense by West Texas cotton farmers, who at the time could hardly give their seed away. The West Texas seed had a reputation for poor… Read more →

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This is pretty cool. Nike is reflecting on their impact on society as a whole. And actively seeking to engage processes that is not necessarily their responsibility as a business but their responsibility as humans to be respecting this earth. The pear shaped figured woman has a relatively slimmer upper torso and is larger in the hips, waist, and thighs.… Read more →

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What kind of risks? For assumption’s sake, if the relevant audience is surfing porn, the brand could appear there. Now that could be a serious issue with several brands for ethical and compliance reasons. However, in the automated world, one cannot prevent that unless additional technology is deployed to create filters. One of the main factors differentiating humans from other… Read more →

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No, ei siin viel mitn, jokainen pukeutuu kuten tahtoo, mutta se juoksumatto oli hnell nopeudella 6,5 km/h eli 9 min 14 s /km. Jokainen tiet, ett tuo vauhti on NR:. Siis oikeasti kevyt kvely vie ehk 10 minuuttia kilometrilt. It’s extremely important that you understand how to recruit in MLM. Unfortunately, nearly all networkers never learn how to recruit effectively.… Read more →

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Yesterday I watched McCain funeral, including the eulogy Biden gave where he talked about bipartisanship and his friendship with McCain (starting when McCain was Navy liason to the Senate and went on trips around the world with Biden). With that fresh in my mind, I wonder what I see if I were to now go back and rewatch the 2008… Read more →

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When my clients spirit people come through, they often speak of regrets and unfinished business. When that happens, I remember reading this article written by a palliative care nurse: Top Five Regrets People Make on Their Deathbed. It was no traditional interview either and the advertisement had mentioned something about places. Hi there that is a great question. I haven’t… Read more →

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So for the second time in three majors he was, as they say in America, “trunk slamming”. But only after a fierce self appraisal. Credit to McIlroy for stopping to talk to reporters and credit for being so honest. Catfish is nice. She seems free spirited. But I still hope HJ will give DK a chance, if only for DK… Read more →