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The plan is designed to reduce the mosquito populations without the use of genetic modification, by instead using the naturally occurring Wolbachia bacteria to thwart reproductive success.When males infected with the bacteria mate with the wild female population, the resulting eggs will die before they’re able to hatch.Scroll down for videoThe plan is designed to reduce the mosquito populations without… Read more →

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Like Fox, Major League Soccer may also feel effects. MLS is currently riding a wave of explosive growth. Launching in 1996 with 10 teams, the league is now home to 22 teams, with more fans attending its matches than ever. “Can I hug you? [hugs Des Kelly] That’s a question. I was in a press conference before and the questions… Read more →

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I was still on the course. That’s right: I finished last. Dead last. (World Bank) This is mainly due to the dark cloud that hovered over Uganda. That dark cloud was the devastating war that traveled through East Africa. The war led by The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader, Joseph Kony, caused carnage throughout the region. As the… Read more →