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Success tells the inside full story of how a small OTC listed company grew to be the 1 performing stock on the NYSE in only five years. Dr. Dr. The illusion that things will go back to normal after Trump is just that a chimera. The nation has always been divided: over race, immigration, sexual identity, gender equality, social safety… Read more →

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Skateboarders have a unique community; they teach, coach, learn, practice, and regulate their practice area silently but effectively. If you have ever watched skaters at a skate park, you know that two skaters cannot drop into the bowl at the same time. Avoiding collision in the bowl is crucial to avoid a trip to the hospital. Following a personal investigation,… Read more →

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There are a handful of awesome apps (like MyFitnessPal) and awesome gadgets (like the Jawbone UP24), but each operates independently. To live the Quantified Self lifestyle right now, you need to actively use a handful of apps and an Excel spreadsheet to analyze the data and make it actionable. The goal of Health and its centralized dashboard is to eliminate… Read more →