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There are lots of options, you can definitely Google to find some (look for “curly girl method”). I personally do a lot of conditioner washing. I not curly haired but my fine straight hair gets weighed down very quickly but needs a ton of moisture. Recent studies have found that obese people and those with a large waist size are… Read more →

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KOIS: Oh, sure. Well, I mean, part of, as I learned very quickly, part of the trick to being able to pull off something like this, is to be able to shift your body into as many possible positions as you can. So I did a lot of leaning. Perhaps I replace it with La Croix sparkling water when I… Read more →

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Even if you don want to include me, please do submit this earth shattering news with the world one way or another. Your discovery that “QC does not break hash functions” is one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 21st century. I humbled by the idea i actually replying to you.. Besides, your assertion boils down to “give… Read more →

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“We don’t have any competition. We’re a truly a one of a kind company.” I’ve heard that line from clients for years. I wish it were true, but it’s simply not. Armor available is Cloth or preferably Leather. Their weapons are Fist weapons, One Hand Axes, Maces, or Swords, Polearms, or Staves. One Hand weapons do require an off hand… Read more →

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Yater Wallace crashed on all three of his runs Thursday, but the third appeared to be the most violent. During Tuesday’s freestyle qualifications, Switzerland’s Joel Gisler also came down hard on the lip, sending his skis flying as he fell down toward the center. He was able to walk away, in another near miraculous recovery.. The National Security Council is… Read more →

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Reorganizations take a significant amount of deliberation, internal maneuvering of people and politics, and time. However, the more time you take and indecisive you are provides opportunities for employees to be distracted and not focused on their jobs. This works to support destructive internal competition, lack of teamwork, slow time to market and decreased productivity all of the things Microsoft… Read more →

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The controversy as to whether the King James Version of the Bible is the inspired Word of God or not has raged over many generations of Christians. Some believers unwaveringly claim it is the inspired word and others hold just as strongly that it is not. Occasionally, the opposing views can be so vehemently embraced that is causes schisms in… Read more →

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Strapless dresses, dresses with spaghetti strap or A line dresses are best for your body type. Wear tops that finish at top of your hips to give your waist a flattering look while, at the same time, balancing your lower body. Avoid tops that end at your hips as they will gather attention towards the heavy middle area of your… Read more →

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Apple brand rejuvenation in 1997 is one example: to counter flagging sales and a tarnished image, it launched a revolutionary advertising campaign. Its new tagline, “Think Different” was a refreshing spin on IBM “Think.” Rather than trying to compete with the reputation for reliability and trustworthiness of its chief competitor, Apple positioned itself as a dynamic brand with inventive alternatives… Read more →

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In the meantime, no one’s tasked with making sure the kids don’t end up in situations like the one in Georgia. “It’s like modern slavery,” Chukwuemeka “Alley” Ene, the subject of my Harper’s piece, told me. He was made to sleep on the floor during a placement with a host family in Mississippi, and one of his friends was at… Read more →