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The technique, which is lumbered with the fantastic and slightly terrifying name of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), is similar to deep brain stimulation (DBS), but it doesn involve complex neurosurgery. TCDS runs a very small current just 2 milliamps into brain tissue just beneath your scalp; it non invasive, and seemingly quite safe. By pumping electrons into the brain,… Read more →

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Jeremy Grantham is warning investors that profits are “weirdly high, unless we’re in one of those wonderful secular shifts that people talk about but almost never see.” The high level of margins represents a red flag for the stock market, at least in his mind. The logic is simple. Corporate profits as percent of GDP can’t grow forever or they… Read more →

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There are a number of differences between Western cultures and Middle Eastern cultures. In many countries, women shouldn’t offer to shake hands with a man and instead should wait for the man to offer his own hand. Both men and women need to dress conservatively and public displays of affection are almost always frowned upon. When LeBron James speaks, people… Read more →

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Completing (or getting 12 wins) a Classic Challenge gives you 2000 gold and 100 cards, and a Grand Challenge will reward you 22,000 gold and 1,100 cards. [8]Supercell has also added various event challenges, for limited periods of time, that add special features to the battles, or allow players to receive special cards. These event challenges can also be played… Read more →

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Based on their experience, Thailand offers a word of advice for other countries. “First of all, they should do a medicines situation analysis in their countries, then develop a good governance framework appropriate to their context and environment. The gap between the existing system and the framework should be identified and the strategy should aim to fill the gaps,” Dr… Read more →