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Are you sure its not the amplifier/receiver thats malfunctioning? I would try the speakers with another amplifier or the amplifier with another set of speakers. If you are sure the speakers, the issue you are describing would arise from blown tweeters. I not sure it would be worth paying someone to fix that they have to search for a compatible… Read more →

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Depth of relationships refers to the extent members of a virtual organization feel connected to one another (Peters Manz, 2008; Hinrichs, Seiling, Stavros, 2008). Building deep relationships among members has been seen as a major obstacle in virtual organizations due to the lack of proximity and or face to face contact between team members (Peters Manz). Virtual organizations are often… Read more →

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Another advantage with having a physical keyboard is productivity. Whether you are a hard core texter or a business person. Having a real physical keyboard means less time hitting the backspace. These players will be more expensive, but definitely more convenient. Choosing how you want to connect to the internet will go a long way in deciding what player to… Read more →

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He tried on jerseys at Maryland and Temple last month. Last week, he watched the LSU basketball team take on Kentucky from a seat inside Rupp Arena. Ohio State has shown interested, and Wilson said he’s keeping up with a number of schools in the Southeastern Conference, most recently hearing from coaches at South Carolina.. ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: Steve, right… Read more →

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The first successful retail Co op is usually credited to a group of weavers in the North who are now referred to as the ‘Rochdale Pioneers’. They started trading in 1844 and offered a limited range of goods for sale at a fair price. They dealt in cash only, redistributed profits to the members, promoted democratic control and established fundamental… Read more →