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It’s important not to wait for others to admit fault, but the rewards are much greater when it happens. When responsibility isn’t admitted, steps should still be taken to reconcile.Many of us carry old wounds, even those caused during childhood. For example, we tend to project our issues with our parents onto those we develop relationships with. The United States… Read more →

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This time around, the finance minister was true to his “stay the course” pledge and didn’t offer much new tax relief.There are no new personal tax increases either although employment insurance premiums will rise in 2011. Tax experts said there really wasn’t much for the average taxpayer to celebrate this time around.Read more:2010 federal budget: How do you think the… Read more →

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Back in Medieval Europe, before pockets even existed, both men and women wore Ye Olde Fanny Packs, little bags on strings tied around the waist, allowing both genders an equal playing field when it came to accessing their stuff. By the 17th century, men’s coats and trousers had pockets, but women still kept their sewing supplies, money, snacks, cosmetics, spectacles,… Read more →

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Most also attend school. And someone, they insist, has to look out and stand up for them. “People pay us less because we are young,” says 16 year old UNATSBO president Jos Guillermo Mamani. Hab einen wie ich meine durchaus konstruktiven Vorschlag was deine Schwindelgefhle und deine Angst vor einem Gehirntumor betrifft. Du MUSST in Zunkunft deine Aufenthalte vor dem… Read more →

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We apologise for the inconvenience.[M] 1 point submitted 3 days agoHello, /u/stephQn, and thank you for posting on /r/languagelearning. Unfortunately, requests for help with specific languages are disallowed.Please check our wiki or sidebar for the specific subreddit of the language you are learning and ask there.If you are unable to receive the help you require elsewhere please , reply to… Read more →