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Frequently, their suspiciously youthful, cosmetically enhanced parents and teachers get dragged into the mess. But it’s rare that a crucial conflict gets resolved or even developed. Instead, the 90210ers half assedly play a game of emotional badminton, batting around the same petty dramas (seriously, even fairly important crises like, say, Silver’s mom’s substance abuse problems are brushed off) without ever… Read more →

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Apps are also a lot more likely to malfunction than a CD or an iTunes download. Samsung was widely criticized on the 4th of July when fans struggled to download Jay Z’s album at midnight due to server overload. The company and the rapper faced even more criticism over the extensive phone permissions that the app requested, including users’ GPS… Read more →

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Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the drama is a bitter, but beautiful pill to swallow.That may explain the groundswell of support for Canadian Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies. While no one would call Villeneuve’s movie a feel good film, the strong resolution and intricate plot may sit better with Oscar voters. Not everyone is a fan, but since this is one category… Read more →

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They special. They buck convention. They have a brand that flouts the NCAA outdated amateurism rules. Lowe’s Kan Khajura Station innovation for Unilever India has fetched the agency its sole shortlist in this category; the sub category is ‘Brand or Product Integration into an Existing Programme or Platform’. While ‘Lowe and Partners Worldwide Mumbai’ is listed as the ‘Entrant Company’,… Read more →

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The bids came in, and by Tuesday, the highest offer was roughly $19,000, still far short of the $126,000 needed for Olek’s treatment, ESPN reports. But that’s when two Polish billionaire siblings, Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk, stepped in. Malachowski didn’t disclose the pair’s bid but said in an update posted to Facebook on Tuesday that the duo “declared their willingness… Read more →

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The NDTV Group’s Red Pixels Ventures Ltd unveiled the first look of its e commerce portal Gadgets 360. Gadgets 360 will curate a marketplace for exclusive launches of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. SmartCooky Internet Ltd, with its healthy food website SmartCooky, offers thousands of tried and tested recipes, the latest food news and the buzz on lifestyle and… Read more →

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After the exposition closed, a series of fires ravaged the site, beginning in January 1894, leaving a landscape strewn with charred remains. After the remaining crippled structures were demolished, only five exhibition buildings were left standing. In 1895, Olmsted turned his attention to the site for a third time, resulting in a comprehensive plan that would heal Jackson Park. We’ve… Read more →

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“You want to make sure people understand you’re doing it because you believe in the company, and business in general, and basic gender equality across the board,” she said. “You don’t want it to become a misunderstood moment where you are just a noisy girl who can’t play in the big time. I’ve been in the big time a long… Read more →

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To rozwizanie jest bardzo praktyczne pewnie nie tylko mi zdarzao si apa w zby gazie, gdy za bardzo skupiem si na tym, co dzieje si pod nogami. Z Nomadem takie atrakcje najprawdopodobniej nam nie gro, poniewa rozproszone wiato dyfuzora na bieco podwietla wszystko wok. Mniej krcenia gow to przy okazji wicej uwagi, ktr moemy powici bieganiu i pokonywaniu kolejnych przeszkd..… Read more →

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AUDIO QUALITY: The BD D6500 has internal decoders for Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio. The audio connections are located on the back of the player and include the HDMI Output, Optical Digital Audio Output and 2 ch Analog Audio Outputs. Unfortunately, it is lacking 7.1 ch analog outputs, however if connected via the HDMi you can enjoy… Read more →