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One of the first questions your pediatrician may ask after your son’s birth is whether you plan to have him circumcised. It’s a relatively common surgical procedure where your baby’s foreskin the hood of skin that covers the head of his penis is removed. If a baby is going to have the surgery, it’s usually done before he leaves the… Read more →

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STARR: Linda Gonzalez is president of ViVA Partnership, a Hispanic marketing agency in Miami. She points out that Latinos are coveted because they are young. Their average age is 27, which means many are just entering their prime buying years. But no more then sitting all day. Work on doing some squatting and deadlifting a couple times a week. These… Read more →

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We invented the game and can’t understand why we can’t always win everything. Who would want to be an England Manager? . Serious question we are short of one at the moment. Popularno tego modelu jest tak dua e doczeka si on ju swojej trzeciej edycji. Co prawda wersja nr. 3 nie wiele rni si od swojej pierwszej ale co… Read more →

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After Chaos came the goddess Earth, who was known to the Greeks as Ge (or Gaia), and to the Romans as Terra. Earth appeared out of nothing according to Greek mythology: “Chaos was first of all, but next appeared broad bosomed Earth” (Hesiod, Theogony). To the ancients, of course, earth was not perceived as a planet, as it was not… Read more →

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Another point of vulnerability is a company’s own employees. Corporations that are embroiled in scandals or repeatedly associated with dead schoolchildren will find it hard to recruit and retain talent. This is one reason so many companies have embraced LGBTQ rights in recent years: Supporting gay people leads to angry emails from customers. GrainyGrainy Muscles only apply to seasoned bodybuilders,… Read more →

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Rather than having a system in which the EU members each hustle for the biggest quotas which are already set far beyond what is sustainable fisheries experts suggest individual governments should set quotas based on stock levels in their surrounding waters. Fishermen should be given responsibility over the fish they hunt they have a vested interest in seeing stocks improve,… Read more →