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Cognitive dysfunction. Many people with lupus experience a variety of related problems including forgetfulness or difficulty thinking. They may describe these problems as feeling “fuzzy headed” or being in a “lupus fog.” These problems often coincide with periods of increased disease activity, or flares. 9 points submitted 1 month agoA large part of the problem is a perception in the… Read more →

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Look for products with ingredients that originate in the United States and that are recognizable foods and supplements you’d consume yourself. Or make your own dog food. In any case, keep an eye on the FDA’s pet food recall updates.iStockphoto “You get what you pay for” with interior house paint, professional painters told researchers at The Sweethome. Different degrees of… Read more →

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Best Buy founder Richard Schulze has presided over a company that has struggled to stay relevant in a sector that is increasingly moving online. Some industry experts and analysts point out that Best Buy is increasingly becoming a showroom for electronics consumers meaning that people go to the store to check out the product only to buy it online at… Read more →

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All game jerseys are now back from the dry cleaners, cleaned of last season’s face paint and mustard stains, pressed for a new year. With the NFL season kicked off, the MLB playoffs soon to get underway, and the NBA season looming, let’s look the organizations that have given fans good reason to swell with expectation. The following franchises are… Read more →

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Sonst bin ich eigentlich ganz nett und ich stichel nur gerne um zu sehen wie Leute reagieren bzw. Ob Sie es begreifen. You couldn even manage to summarize my points properly, having some reading comprehension issues? In the last 10 years Liverpool been competitive for about half of them with England and Europe best. The exhibition runs from 11 November… Read more →