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As the cycling world and fans of Lance Armstrong continued to absorb the seven time Tour de France winner’s announcement Thursday that he would no longer fight charges that he used performance enhancing drugs, one of his biggest sponsors, Nike, came out in support of Armstrong. Nike, in a statement, said: “Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering… Read more →

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Changing the from creating products to delivering solutions (as discussed in this recent post on the 4Ps of for sport this context, Nike announcement of combining social responsibility with growth makes good sense. Nike knows what important to their s both now (a company that takes social responsibility seriously) and in the future (active and sports aware kids will become… Read more →

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The principle underlying Olympic weightlifting shoes is simple. A wedge heel and a supportive upper combine to give the athlete two distinct mechanical advantages: an upright torso and non diminished force return.You can test the upright torso effect yourself. Just put a paperback book (about 1 thick) under each of your heels, and squat. The late singer plays the mother… Read more →

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Did those experiences sound familiar?Vector Marketing Secret 5 False Advertisement. Vector Marketing has several misleading advertisement running on several job searching sites that all read similar to the one I saw above. They all seem to target young college students. Also, before buying them, remember to try them out at least once. The footwear you buy must be comfortable and… Read more →

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The game of football impacts different people in a multitude of ways. For some it is a living, others a way out. For some the game is joy, others despair. He’s doing well,” Kerr said of Cousins. “Beyond that, there’s nothing. No prediction. Business logo designs are not necessary for everyone. In the event you own a little home based… Read more →