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McCarthy isn’t the only shopper speaking out. Earlier this year, blogger Corissa Enneking, who calls herself a “happy fatty,” wrote a viral open letter to Forever 21 after encountering a plus size section she describes as shoved into a corner “with yellow lights, no mirrors, and zero accessories.” “Your reckless disregard of fat people’s feelings is shameful,” she continued. (At… Read more →

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To remain in conversation with the media savvy, Seamless’ advertising must “draw upon audiences’ stocked knowledge of popular codes to present visual puns” (Leiss 483). For example, the digital service capitalizes on memes and viral videos to appeal to these alienated spectators. By identifying Seamless’ reference to Sweet Brown and other social media phenomena, the media savvy youths are expected… Read more →

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Combining all four techniques is far more powerful. Remote healing techniques also assist you in allergy symptoms. For those people who have tried other practices and haven’t experienced the degree of manifestation success they desire, I would strongly suggest trying flower essences as they might be the particular tool you’ve been looking for all along.. Before making any decision, you… Read more →

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The controversy over a cluster of uninhabited islands northeast of Taiwan (known as Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese) has not only led to an increasingly tense confrontation between the Chinese and Japanese governments. It has also had severe consequences for Japanese companies doing business in China. Compared to last year, Toyota has seen its sales drop by 49… Read more →

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Spencer told journalists that he doesn’t believe Trump himself is alt right, the term he coined that’s come to embody white supremacist, anti Semitic and sexist ideas. But it was clear that his surprise election has given the once fringe movement a jolt, and on Saturday they were eager to take a victory lap. Spencer called Trump’s campaign “the first… Read more →

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Nevertheless, there you are, not a goner yet, gazing up at the shipping containers stacked six high overhead, and from them cataracts of snowmelt and rain are spattering on your head. There you are, listening to the stacked containers strain against their lashings, creaking and groaning and cataracting with every roll, and with every roll you are wondering what in… Read more →