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Over the last three decades we have made cultural giants of Premier League footballers, so no wonder their self image is distorted. The bigger they get, the softer they become, on the international stage at any rate. In club sides they are capable of great tenacity. Age related macular degeneration can be detected in a routine eye exam. One of… Read more →

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More new highs followed for the Nifty in the week concluded as it continued to soar on the back of some heavyweight stocks performing. Although the breadth was subdued compared to the earlier weeks, we do find that the broadening of participation continues and this is a good thing. The delivery percentage in the non Nifty space has certainly picked… Read more →

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It’s still really good to “be like Mike.” Basketball great Michael Jordan makes more money in retirement than most professional athletes do when they’re at the top of their game.New court documents provide a detailed look at just how much the basketball superstar earns from endorsements long after his playing career has ended.They were released as part of a suit… Read more →

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Tutto quanto era di un’incredibile sontuosit, ricchezza, intensit di colore e di vita. Per un momento pensai che il vecchio mi avesse preso in giro raccontandomi della perdita della sua vista, ma mi convinsi del contrario quando lo accompagnai nel suo studio dove era solito lavorare ogni giorno e osservai venticinque o trenta opere che aveva scartato, opere che risalivano… Read more →

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“It had a profound influence on me,” Chenault said. “I received opportunities as a result of Brown v. Board of Education. And if you living in a condo right now you might want to start thinking of how you going to afford a single family home in a decent neighborhood. In LA, basic starter homes in prime zip codes START… Read more →

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I’m sure someday someone will perfect it. Maybe when cars are able to run on water or some crazy technology like that. After something like that is invented a lot of other ideas that may seem crazy could become reality. The cup and the athame are the tools used for one of the most sacred ritual acts in Wicca the… Read more →

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“Increasing salt and fluid intake can help increase blood volume and reduce symptoms,” he explains. Beta blockers, a type of heart medication, are also used to treat POTS with great success. (In other weird salt news: Did you know that salt may actually help you run faster on race day?)This doesn’t mean everyone should see this as permission to pig… Read more →

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Muguruza is also exactly what the Women’s Tennis Association has been looking for. In the five years since Serena Williams’s return from a punctured foot and a pulmonary embolism, she is only the second rising star to threaten a serious challenge. The first was Victoria Azarenka, who is not an easy sell: too noisy, too defiant, and now apparently too… Read more →