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Zamiast skupi si na biegu i na walce, analizuje cyfry. Patrz jak uciekaj sekundy. Leszek mia dobrze, e nie zabra zegarka ze sob. And, when I looked up at the boy whose muscles were smaller than mine, he was ashamed too. From that moment, my muscles and my femininity were at odds. In my teenage mind, I wanted to be… Read more →

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Capitals Coach Barry Trotz said his best moment was one that happened before the game even started. He greeted midshipmen when the Capitals arrived at the stadium. The team was led to the rink by bagpipes playing the “Top Gun” theme song, and then those same midshipmen Trotz met earlier lined the platform around the rink as the American and… Read more →

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Dr. Sam Liles, acting director of the Cyber Division of DHS, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that prior to the election, DHS had no indication that any adversaries, including the Russian government, were planning activities that would change the outcome of the election. However, DHS did detect activities throughout the spring and summer 2016 and later received reports of cyber… Read more →

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Great additions to JLR GPS recently, an ambulance at the Larocques and this picture of Jeffrey with a random attention seeker. Except I don think this one random, I swear this is that chick that had Jeffrey drive her all over town, and took money from him. Her picture(s) was posted a couple times on here but I don remember… Read more →

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Your time is worth money only when it being sold to other people, whether that in the form of a product or service it doesn matter. When it being used on yourself, it worth $0 to you. You cannot exist in a vacuum of one, and it is impossible to pay yourself and generate more money within an economy of… Read more →

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The wind wasn letting up and the rain had turn the narrow path slick. With that it was Nuang all over again as I stumbled a few times the Wildhorse which had been performing great was failing big time. My thoughts immediately went to the Fellraiser back home. As a direct result of failed and inconsistent federal enforcement, Arizona is… Read more →

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This company has a great many of stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and offers online shopping. Wet Seal is also affiliated with the store Arden B. Wet Seal offers junior clothing, shoes, accessories and more to their customers. It is widely supposed that black urban teen agers were the Air Jordan trendsetters. “In our business, it’s all you… Read more →

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VAN DEN TOORN: Yeah. So that’s the one that we added for some fun. And we thought a lot of people know her, of course. Hogyan llapthat meg, ha a Jordan hamistvny vagy B osztly. Mikor Air Jordan cipk elszr jtt ki, 1985 ben, ez elvitt egy pr napra, hogy vegye fel a mrka a piacon, s szksgtelen hoz mond,… Read more →

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I protagonisti dell’impressionismo furono soprattutto pittori francesi: Claude Monet, per eccellenza, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro e, con qualche originalit, Edgar Degas. Per ultimi ma non per importanza Edouard Manet, precursore del movimento, e Paul Czanne, la cui opera quella che per prima supera l’impressionismo degli inizi. Monet fa vaporizzare le forme, dissolvendole nella luce; Cezanne ricostruisce le forme, ma utilizzando… Read more →