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There are various retail clothing companies which use either or both these tactics. For instance, Inditex, the Spanish retail giant has identified its target base: teens and young adults and also has a feedback mechanism in place whereby managers at different stores provide a suggestion about customer behaviour. Inditex then uses this information to improve its designs to meet customer… Read more →

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ConclusionVietnam does not only need development; it needs sustainable development. It does not only need to attract FDI; it also needs sustainable oriented FDI. This is easier said than done since multi national companies have many choices: for example, if Vietnam refuses to accept their environmentally unfriendly projects, they can freely move to other places that are willing to let… Read more →

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The Silver is for Google India’s touching Reunion film that promotes the brand’s ‘search’ feature. Interestingly, this campaign also won a Bronze Lion. O second Bronze Lion is for its Message Barter campaign for The Akanksha Foundation (Akanksha Foundation Schools).Read all about Google’s Reunion film here.What is the Message Barter campaign? Akanksha, an NGO that provides free education to over… Read more →

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Fortunately, the postmortem of the first round showed my fears were unfounded. Two of the games were decided by three goals and two others including No. 1 south seed Mercyhurst against No. Arena’s tinkering somehow worked, and the Americans struck quickly, scoring in the eighth minute thanks to a solid right footed pass by McBride from about 12 yards out.… Read more →