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Knowing how incredibly slow our county is at updating anything, I’m not surprised. But, a quick Google search afforded me ample information on how a citizen can quickly update their voter registration information.6. I don’t think transient college students should have a say in local elections. Functionality: The waitress apron is more utilitarian than the chef coat. Perhaps that is… Read more →

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From the outside it is little more than a gimmick. In not trying to claim any legitimacy for whatever times their runners achieve, Nike are attempting to ensure they do not lose credibility in the process. The purpose, according to the sportswear company,is to”show the potential to break [two hours]and enable future times to fall”.. These cashmere coats are made… Read more →

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Many years ago, diabetes would often result in blindness. Today, eyesight can be retained in diabetics with regular eye examinations and vigilant eye care. Don’t wait for blurry vision!. The environments, especially in later sequels have a truly creepy and sci fi feel to them, as do the characters themselves, especially the scientists with their eccentric behavior and sterile, malign… Read more →

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Beyonc announced her plans to release an activewear line back in December, and now it’s finally officially (almost) here. Cue mass hysteria.According to the website, Ivy Park “is merging fashion led design with technical innovation” to create a “new kind of performance wear: modern essentials for both on and off the field.” (Although, considering she made the KALE sweatshirt an… Read more →

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The above image demonstrates peripheral route of persuasion. It is model Kate Upton who is an attractive model eating a hamburger, which isn’t normally classified as sexy. This type of advertising does not need a lot of thinking and it is successful in our society because sex sells these days. 2. Clip Coupons Coupons can save a tremendous amount on… Read more →

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The Eighth Circuit affirmed. Held: A federal employee who claims that an agency action appealable to the MSPB violates an antidiscrimination statute listed in 7702(a)(1) should seek judicial review in district court, not the Federal Circuit, regardless whether the MSPB decided her case on procedural grounds or on the merits. Pp. However with the lack of last minute surprises, it… Read more →