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We all love lower prices but this is the result. This happened as a choice everyone made as they went to Walmart /BestBuy/Home Depot instead of John Local Electronics/Plant/Drug/Furniture/Etc stores. If you watch old movies there used to be a local store for every different item and that store didnt have pricing power and international trade power so things were… Read more →

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Electronic gate openers are getting popularity today. Most people are using them so that they can stay inside and decide if they are going to open the gate or not. This gate automation is now an affordable and practical option to choose. What is thought to be enough isn’t. Tim Gore, adviser for Oxfam, stated must really get to grips… Read more →

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Henry Ford and the Auto IndustryHenry Ford was the father of the modern assembly line used in the mass production of large numbers of inexpensive automobiles. This was an idea that changed the world. Before Henry Ford there were some automobiles. Agree to disagree, I suppose. I lived in Chicago from 2007 2017, and found the quantity of high quality… Read more →

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By ’96 he was a much better shooter and had rounded his game out. He had an MVP caliber season during Jordan’s brief retirement. But in 1992 he was at his physical peak, and I love the idea of rolling out a Payton/Jordan/Pippen press, and watching them wreak havoc. Sneaker sales tumbled again as the company’s formerly hot Jordan line… Read more →

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With its usefull digital processors, we can be at ease knowing we far beyond our storytelling predecessors.Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.3. “Instant” Speed to be the New NormalInstant is not fast enough; it is expected. The Wi Fi connection at home can lead to a slight lag in internet speed… Read more →

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But it not just one Champions League that could have been attributed to a run of form at the right time like Di Matteo. He on the edge of doing it 3 times in a row. Unprecedented in the history of football. Guests will be seriously impressed by this dish, and here a secret: itisn nearly as challenging to whip… Read more →

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Now the only thing left to do is figure out what notes correspond with what keys. Basically, the easiest way to describe this would be to find the normal white E note that is in the almost exact center of the piano. That note corresponds with the bottom line of the right hand, or otherwise known as the E in… Read more →

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So many people say to me, watching it with my partner. Friends of mine who are a gay couple go, going to be so depressed on Sunday nights, because we don have anything to watch now. They would race home, put their twins to bed, and get into bed, order pizza and watch the show. Try to imagine a real… Read more →

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Mission Sk8boards 2 year Party 10/02/09This Friday, October 2, 2009 Mission Sk8boards is celebrating it 2nd birthday (ok, ok so the actual anniversary was in Sept., but the Party is THIS FRIDAY!!!!!) Stop by the shop. Party is from 6 10pm and is in conjunction with the Balmy Street Block Party right around the corner. Hit up all five spots… Read more →