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Lamarr and Anthiel received a patent for their device in 1941 but it was only first used aboard naval ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Since then the system has been implemented in various military applications. The inventor’s “spread spectrum” technology went on to form the backbone of digital communications as we know it now. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Selecting a… Read more →

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However Paintball is missing one of the key elements of extreme sports. In Paintball two teams are always in direct competition, there is always a clearly defined winner and loser. However that not the case in real extreme sports. No matter how accurate they may be, all fictional futures especially alarmist ones lose urgency as the concerns that fueled them… Read more →

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Nike hires managers with the utmost potential and hope for the company. Their political skills pertain to the ability to get things done through positive, powerful relationships. Empowerment is big in order to create motivation.. One of these programs was the art egg exhibit at the Shiseido Gallery. The Shiseido Gallery has pursued a consistent program of non profit activities… Read more →