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She worries that Asian Americans, many of whom share just a few common surnames such as Chung, Lee, Patel and Kim are particularly vulnerable to Crosscheck’s system of using little more than first and last name to identify potential double voters. “No one knew what was going on,” says Ho of Georgia’s participation in Crosscheck.AAAJA issued a statement urging voters… Read more →

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People from other clans lived in the villages too; these included servants and dependants. There was a headman in each village who was the main decision maker. A few villages often joined together to form a bigger unit which was called a tribe or horde. Could this be considered a reinvention? Perhaps, but if that’s the case, then the Google… Read more →

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Its not a matter of China doing it. Anyone doing it is need for concrete ways to ensure your getting authentic hardware from a proper manufacturer. Sander, while you have a valid point regarding the security risks of using counterfeited routers and switches, I think the title of your article is a little too broad and ambiguous. But I finally… Read more →

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Until a few years ago, I assumed there was no difference in the way T shirts felt. Then I felt one of my wife’s: thin, slightly stretchy and downy. Coke’s feel like that. SELYUKH: Krikorian wants Facebook and other tech companies to start being more proactive about correcting misinformation on their platforms. The tech platforms say that’s not really their… Read more →

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Please note: the parking lot near the Maverick Stadium is far away from the main campus area. Not in Egypt more like another planet. So, if students wants to save money, they would definitely need to arrive early for class. Lower East SideAny food obsessed denizen of, or visitor to, New York City needs to make a pilgrimage to this… Read more →

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Think about it this way. There was something like 79 dunks right, well what if they played defense and there were 7. What if the score was 94 88 because the elite players and defenders in the league guarded each other. I over heard a kid walking on gravel today say, feels like I walking on Godzillas back! That seems… Read more →

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Aesthetic ReasoningJudgments about beauty and art, like moral and legal reasoning, rely on conceptual frameworks that integrate facts and values. Judgment about art is made when an appeal to aesthetic reasoning is exercised to defend or criticize value statements, using one or more of the eight value principles. One, objects are aesthetically valuable if they have a meaning or teach… Read more →