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Logan was and is the first superhero noir film, and on that alone it has merit. But it was also well executed in terms of noir, staying morally grey, impressing on the fatalism of Logan’s fate that he’s dying, just like all other mutants, and how he’s a protagonist stuck in an oppressive system that victimizes him (the government eliminated… Read more →

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The airlines complained that governments were overreacting to the threat.Europe’s transportation ministers will be meeting shortly in Brussels to discuss how and when to get the planes back in the air.Would you feel comfortable aboard a flight that had to fly through the ash cloud? Take our poll.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian… Read more →

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He called it Jockey shorts because of its similarity to jockstraps. This man’s undergarment was so successful, the first six hundred pairs distributed to the Marshall Fields Department Store (Chicago, Illinois, USA) on January 19, 1935 sold immediately. Three thousand pairs sold in the first three months. The Cleveland Cavaliers came to Washington in a state of crisis Friday. They… Read more →