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The idea here is to essentially put on a great college basketball program, played at great colleges with deep history, with three future NBA or European basketball stars on the court playing each other. The only thing that’s going to be different from what people are used to is that the athletes will be sharing. It’ll be like fair trade… Read more →

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In office Ford kept his promise to privatise refuse collection and eliminate the bicycle lanes that his suburban supporters claimed interfered with traffic. He eliminated the city’s unpopular vehicle registration tax and drastically cut city councillors’ budgets. He liked to claim that he had save the city 1 billion Canadian dollars a figure that was, however, disputed.. 1) Tests based… Read more →

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The third, of course, is the performances. Howard is perfect as the tormented but decent Holge; Edna Best lends dignity and complexity to the under written part of his faithful wife. And Bergman? Well, Bergman just lights up the screen with an honesty and intensity that is so natural and unrestrained, she shakes a small story and makes it great.… Read more →

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RBC (red blood cell count). This is the number of red blood cells you have. These are important because they carry oxygen through your body. A causa di nostri orari frenetici, abbiamo appena trovare il tempo per la nostra famiglia, per non parlare di cura per anziani parenti. Per la maggior parte delle famiglie, non possibile tenerli sotto controllo tutto… Read more →

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“This is what we call a reverse confusion’ case,” explains Hicks’s attorney, Frederick Teece. “That is, Nike is so large, and their advertising so extensive that, despite the fact that Game Over may have been the originator of this marketing program, consumers will forever associate the program with Nike,” leaving many sportswear consumers assuming that Game Over is nothing but… Read more →