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What to DoBuild Long Term RelationshipsLong term customers add vital stability to a company. Most companies have a base of regular customers, but few know why those customers keep coming back. Quality, price, delivery, and convenience are some of the factors that could explain why a customer continues to buy from your company, but, unless you understand the factors behind… Read more →

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Ich habe zwar nie wirklich regelmssig geraucht, aber auch so meine Laster gehegt und gepflegt. Einige noch immer, andere bin ich los geworden. Geholfen hat nur eines: Augen zu und durch keine Vorstze, kein “morgen schaffe ich es”, kein “heute zum letzten Mal” nichts dergleichen. I don’t know if it’s true but I wouldn’t be surprised. He comes across remorseless… Read more →

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“We are excited to continue our outstanding partnership with Under Armour as we usher in a new era of Maryland athletics in the Big Ten Conference,” University of Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson said in a statement. “Kevin Plank and his entire team have been strong supporters of our athletic programs and our student athletes who proudly don the Under… Read more →

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe more time I spend with the new 90210, the more I realize that the program’s chief problem, beyond the stilted dialogue (seriously, I’d kill for even some sanctimonious after school special homilies in place of this vapid Hills calibre banter) and the cardboard acting, is that it lacks momentum.Each week, it… Read more →

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“They risk breaking the horses’ necks or backs.” Critics acknowledge that measures taken to prevent rider injuries such as reducing the chances of a rotational fall may benefit their mounts by proxy. Alone, Stanstall says a more direct focus on horse safety is needed. Part of the difficulty, explains Carolyn Simm, training and safety coordinator at BE, is that some… Read more →