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One week a year, all I have to do is ride my bike and be outside. I love everything about it and could not imagine my life without it.”Noteworthy highlights: “On my first ride in 2006, I met Team GutterBunnies, a group of guys who had bunny ears hanging from their helmets and bunny tails on their saddles. They would… Read more →

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Jadi jelaslah bahwa Rosulullah pun cemburu, dan Allah pun cemburu. Apabila seorang suami mendapati istrinya sedang bersama laki laki lain, lantas sang suami tidak cemburu, maka Allah akan sangat marah. Karena cemburu adalah perintah Allah, karena Nabi pun cemburu, karena istri Nabi pun cemburu, dan Allah juga cemburu. You need to know about them first. So, the wheel weights in… Read more →

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A Pap smear can show most cervical cancers caused by HPV early on. It’s spread mostly by vaginal or anal sex, but you can get it through oral sex, too. Sometimes you’ll notice an odd discharge from your vagina or penis, or pain or burning when you pee. Jesse Helms. Simpson may have been the first real pitchman to successfully… Read more →

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EDIT 2: For those asking, and some will undoubtedly disagree, I consider any glass of beer with any liquor poured directly into the glass a “boilermaker.” This is unlike a “bomb” where a shot is dropped into the glass and drank rapidly. Purists and laymen alike would likely describe a boilermaker as a glass of lager beer with a shot… Read more →

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Kenny Dalglish is over the moon and completely on fire. Steven Gerrard and all the other guys in between, you can feel it and see it. That’s cool. I think adding new sports to the olympics is great however, some ”sports” are just not really sports like chess , ballroom dancing and snooker. Those ”sports ” are not active sports… Read more →

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If you want help on learning how to move, consider going to a Ladies Salsa Styling Class (or Men’s, if you’re a dude), or signing up for private lessons with a dance teacher whose moves you really admire. And of course, smile and be happy! Being grumpy is a sure fire to kill your sexy moves. Remember, Beyonce and Shakira… Read more →

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SIMON: And let’s begin with Barry Zito. Of course, he won the American League Cy Young award in 2002, with the Oakland A’s. He signed an A Rod sized contract with San Francisco, and some of us lost track of him. It boils down to stored energy: glycogen and fatty acids. Glycogen is your body’s biggest source of fuel for… Read more →