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All existing medications might get cheaper, but it would put a massive stall on basically all innovation, as the financial incentive will be gone. That indisputable. As someone with a disease that will only be cured by future research, I sooner kill myself than vote for such a short sighted idea.. Translated I was born in New Jersey but I… Read more →

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What encouraging to skateboarders and fans is that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has been relatively open to making changes to the games. After all, 25 years ago, it seemed nearly impossible that snowboarding could ever be an Olympic sport. The 2016 games will welcome a few new sports, including golf, rugby, and kitesurfing.. Look at what local non profits… Read more →

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Homogeneous groups often outperform culturally diverse groups, especially where there is a serious communication problem. Heterogeneous work teams often under perform homogeneous teams because they do not allow each member to make a special contribution to the work effort. Cross cultural training is necessary to enable culturally diverse groups to live up to their potential and overcome communication difficulties. A… Read more →