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Commercial Products There are several commercial products on the market for carbon dosing such as RedSea NO3 PO4 X and Brightwell BioFuel. I have tried the RedSea product with good results. It seems less sensitive to under/over dosing and the nutrient levels seem to react quicker to dose changes, perhaps a week instead of nearly a month when I was… Read more →

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No obstante, no dispone de fondos suficientes para llevar a cabo sus actividades, y las necesidades continan en aumento. Probablemente, estas son solo algunas de las amenazas para la salud mundial que deberemos enfrentar. Muchas de estas crisis podran evitarse por completo y, a menudo, son producto de la actividad humana.. So what we have to realize when the devil… Read more →

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The link between talc and cancer has been rumored for decades, but remains scientifically unproven. Medical experts differ sharply on whether talc increases the risk of cancer in consumers who use it. The American Cancer Society notes that studies so far have produced mixed results, with some showing no link at all and some showing a slightly increased risk, adding… Read more →