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Guatemalans celebrate the Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, as well as their own unique celebrations. One holiday that mixes Catholic and pagan influences is the Day of the Dead ceremony. On the last day of October, altars, photographs, candles, flowers, and traditional foods and drinks are placed in Guatemalan homes to honor their deceased loved ones. If jeans are… Read more →

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As for the back to school sale, you hit the nail on the head. That exactly what we been doing the past couple of years. A huge back to school sale with the things you mentioned. Sementara orang orang Portugis meluaskan daerahnya ke Timur, orang orang Sepanyol pula meluaskan daerahnya ke arah Barat. Mereka menakluki daerah yang luas di benua… Read more →

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Instead, a 3 piece linked brooch was used to fasten it down the front. This brooch is called a or There is a type of kebaya called the nyonya kebaya, worn mostly by Peranakan women of Chinese ancestry, especially in the Straits settlements. There are two styles of Peranakan beaded slippers covered or peep toe. Be sure to keep all… Read more →

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It took until day 16 for these Olympic Games to find their voice. Or at least their Brazilian voice, as almost 80,000 fans present and many millions more in the suburbs and favelas of the world’s fifth largest country exhaled a cry of exultation, of gratitude, but especially of relief. Of the 306 gold medals on offer, this was the… Read more →

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Doing this show because we need to run through some Jason Plumb songs before our Interstellar Rodeo show in Edmonton (on July 22) so it seemed like a good opportunity, said Plumb. The young acts we have playing with us are acts that I been working with in the studio and it be a lot of fun to have them… Read more →

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But in addition to potential pit stains, apocrine sweat can make you smell bad because it’s full of protein and fatty acids. This makes it prime fuel for bacteria that live on the skin, which create body odor. Anxious sweating can be a vicious cycle worrying about whether others can see your sweat or smell body odor makes you feel… Read more →

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Today we ask you a difficult question: Is there anything worse than a tourist? The second you slip those sandals on over your black, black socks, you give free rein to your black, black heart. You become an enemy of everything native. You enter into an immortal battle between fun and authenticity, reviled by all but tourism boards and guys… Read more →

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Kim Ji Won was born on October 19, 1992 (Age: 23). She first entered the entertainment industry in 2008 by taking on minor roles in television dramas and appearing in commercials. She became popular after starring in the 2011 sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. “We all get nervous on the golf course,” says the 1999 Open champion… Read more →

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As to dressing, it’s all about layering. Bottom layer should be thin, snug, and preferably sweat wicking; then a looser layer of fleece or some such; then an outer layer of a water and wind resistant material. (If it’s cold enough for three layers.) Plus gloves, hat, and/or ear covering. It is this dedication to bring something new that has… Read more →

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In the early ’80s, he was daytime’s kinder, gentler answer to American Gigolo, and he was so popular with women viewers, I didn’t think he’d ever leave.According to the interwebs, Diamont was let go from the soap a decision that arose from recent cost cutting measures The Young and the Restless has been forced to resort to in a harsh… Read more →