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Fast forward to the present, that fear has turned to dread. Although I am, seriously, not a hypochondriac, and I have, by most accounts, grown up, I still wouldn’t consume food or use a cooking/eating implement that has come near feet or grazed the ground. So, sneakers topped with what appears to be jelly molds held in place by rivets… Read more →

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The symbol for the Moon is a picture of the Moon. Specifically, the symbol for the Moon looks like a crescent Moon in the last quarter. This symbol is very obvious, as it what ancient peoples saw in the sky for thousands of years, and it the same thing we see today.. Planning also includes going to new stores, boutiques,… Read more →

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When you have caused an accidentIf you cause the accident, the third person holds the same rights as you and can file for the claim through your TP insurance. For that, the affected third person is required to file a case in Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal against you and your insurance company. Then the tribunal decides the amount of compensation..… Read more →

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Hall, who lives in North Carolina, started leaving comments on every video she saw that featured her children as the story picked up steam. Shehad seen the original videos before, and like many, was disturbed by the way her children were treated in them. Hall first reported the videos to law enforcement in North Carolina in October. To the left… Read more →

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNova Scotians would pay an extra nickel for a cup of coffee or tea if the disposable cup it came in was recyclable, according to a new poll by CBC Corporate Research Associates Inc.A survey of 400 adults conducted between Feb. 11 and Feb. 24 suggests that 80 per cent completely, or… Read more →

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For transparency sake we started handing out bans to people who don participate in this sub at all and show up to make political insults(read: we checking your post history). We want this to be a place where one can discuss the impact of policy changes on markets not a place where people can circlejerk about how much they hate… Read more →

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It wasn’t until the next season that they would snag their greatest player of all time, Peyton Manning. Bill Polian decided that they would rebuild their franchise via the Draft over the next few seasons, but it came a lot quicker than he expected. Even though the Colts had an identical season in Peyton’s first year, their future was looking… Read more →

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Be fiscally prudent. Solutions that do not consider the bottom line will create greater financial headaches in the future. While businesses do face short term financial challenges provoked by market cycles, most businesses weather these crises with discipline as well as creativity. Fakenham to Greenway Lane in NorfolkThis cycle route is ideal for a Sunday morning and covers a distance… Read more →

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Imagine your healthy body is like a party. Things are going good, everyone’s having a good time and that’s partly thanks to those guys. They’re your immune system. While I get where you’re coming from (former college softball player), this isn’t always the case. I supplement my normal breakfast (2 eggs, cottage cheese, and a waffle) with a protein shake… Read more →

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That really was a crazy 45 minutes. Spurs created so many chances helped in part by Liverpool’s wretched defending but were only 2 1 up heading into the interval after Salah pulled one back for Liverpool. Alli though capitalised on more poor defending right at the end of the halfto restore Spurs’ two goal cushion.. Yates has been so inundated… Read more →