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And all that secret information was published on a website called Wikileaks. A wiki is a site that lots of people can contribute to and a leak is when someone shares secret information usually about the people they work with. Leaks have been used by journalists for a long time and they’ve brought about some of the biggest stories in… Read more →

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A good football recruiting highlights videos can definitely help you get noticed by college coaches.” Joshua Rice (former football player for the University of Hawaii) “During the high school football scouting process, you might start to notice some differences between high school and college football. One thing that I notice that is different for me from high school to college… Read more →

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Ali Lootah was born in Dubai and pursued his university education in the United States in civil engineering. When he came back to Dubai, he had aspirations to revolutionise the engineering discipline in the United Arab Emirates. He wanted to form an engineering society in the UAE that would act as a licensing and regulatory body for engineering practice. Often,… Read more →

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“Every institution goes has to go through an adjustment from time to time and you look at what you funded in the past and you look at the things that are new opportunities and new initiatives for the future and this fits in our sweet spot,” he said. “This is a program that focuses on the local area. This is… Read more →

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“I haven’t heard so much airplay of my music in weeks,” he joked in the CP24 interview.Fiedler claims that the rumour was a massive internet hoax that originated from an Ottawa based Twitter account. Gordon Lightfoot tweets and retweets spread through the social media network like wildfire.Though many are quick to blame Twitter for the dissemination of this false information,… Read more →

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Neither Johnny or Jane have a guide through their development. They are on their own, wandering and trying to figure things out for themselves. Because of this, they are never taught the things people need to know to mature and as a consequence, they don’t mature. Look at RSA Decrypt, thats 4+ times faster! RSA Encrypt is 3+ Times faster!… Read more →

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The photocopying company could have paid a nominal fee to the University and then used the material. This was available to anyone who wished to use the material. However, the photocopying company paid for only the original and then started making photocopies of the study material. After a couple of nice seasons with the Pistons, Dele tired of the organization… Read more →