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For instance, Brooks, Saucony, New Balance, and other brands each use a different last, the underlyingshapearound which the shoe’s built, Gaudette says. Some are wider in the heel and narrower in the toe box, or vice versa; others are roomier from top to bottom for people with thicker feet. Others may have less of a drop, or slope, from heel… Read more →

Nike Vapour 9.5 Tennis Shoes

Then all the Roman and Greek ruins are an influence in Spain, of course. Work echoes international graffiti styles across time and space as a loose sort of graffiti writing Rosetta Stone. Travel a lot, so we get a lot of influence from different cities. In Vietnam, it costs Nike $1.50 dollars to produce a shoe that will be sold… Read more →

Nike Vapour 9 Tennis Shoes

According the Pew Research Center, fathers who live with their children have more responsibility for the daily care and feeding of their kids. They get to have more fun and emotional intimacy too. In the 2012 to Dads study, Mintel noted that today fathers aren just financial providers, they also today primary providers of family fun and as such more… Read more →