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Short answer: Firms that are focused on pursuing a socially responsible agenda are more likely than other businesses to behave in a socially irresponsible ways. Moral licensing, or the non conscious way in which behaving and/or thinking morally frees people to worry less about the consequences of being immoral in the future. (In other words, being good or simply talking… Read more →

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“After we had sufficiently gazed upon this magnificent picture, we again turned our eyes toward the great market, and beheld the vast numbers of buyers and sellers who thronged there. The bustle and noise occasioned by this multitude of human beings was so great that it could be heard at a distance of more than four miles. Some of our… Read more →

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“Art in the Streets” gives no clue why Angelenos should care so much about graffiti eradication. Indeed, if graffiti is the boon that “Art in the Streets” suggests, why should taxpayers shell out $7 million a year to have it painted over? If, however, the public is right to demand its removal, why is MOCA promoting it? I asked MOCA… Read more →