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This time around we have done away with the ‘Corporate’ category and have added two new categories and Building Industrial Material. IndiGo has had to put out many a digital fire recently remember the video of a crew member assaulting a passenger that went viral few months back? Last month, IndiGo appointed a COO after over a decade; Wolfgang Prock… Read more →

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But I thought it was great. It tells a story, like a mini documentary. A lot of people in this industry get caught up in using the latest technology for their campaigns rather than what is being said.. Although dishwashers are watertight, they don’t actually fill with water. Just a small basin at the bottom fills up. There, heating elements… Read more →

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In another section, he boasts, “My raps don’t have no melodies/This should make jackers wanna go and commit felonies,” and goes on to lambaste artists who prize style and flash over substance (“You boys’ jeans too tight/you colours too bright/your voice too light”).It’s a smart, tight takedown strengthened by the clever production on the track. A flaccid, defeated fanfare intros… Read more →

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It has also been incorporated in more than 1 billion square feet of sports surfaces running tracks, playgrounds, and football fields surface materials like virgin rubber. Meanwhile, the popular Flyknit shoe line, which initially debuted in 2012, is both innovative and eco friendly. Engineers reduced waste by about 60% on average for every Flyknit shoe vs. There is potential here,… Read more →

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Measure the results and adjust the strategy while relaying the changes moving forward.”What to use depends on your focus and approach to engaging your target audiences. A key step to creating great content is understanding the audience you are writing for. If you are and expert you will already know your industry and know many of the sources of information,… Read more →

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There had been a sense, however misleading, that Farah’s 5,000m rivals had been closing in on him. Two of the Ethiopians, Muktar Edris and Dejen Gebremeskel, had both broken the 13 minute mark this year, while a third, 22 year old Hagos Gebrihwet, had highlighted his pedigree with a bronze medal at last summer’s worlds in Beijing. But still Farah… Read more →