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11 cal/lb with that little protein for college aged males? I don’t believe it. If they were all dieting, that makes the study a problem. Even there, if they were all dieting the same, at least it’s consistent and my analysis still holds: the highest volume only looked to work better due to everyone starting smaller and some statistical game… Read more →

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Where we love is home home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. So much so that one of the most iconic quotes by Malala Yousafzai was, “If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.” Caring for your home, maintaining it, decorating it is an intensely personal experience. This is exactly why home decor is… Read more →

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If people want to do new things with their lives every day they should think of their life as being limitless, because if they do that then they will try their hardest at everything even if there are roadblocks. When people live their lives limitlessly they know how to get around the roadblocks that are thrown in their paths. They… Read more →

Nike Free Run 3

CHOICESIN BOTH SCENARIOS, GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE SNOOPING, there are upsides to it. The question isn’t whether either should be allowed do it or not, for there is at least some degree of intelligence gathering on citizens that is Constitutional from the outset and probably even desirable. But, beyond that point we must ask ourselves whether the benefits, supposed or real,… Read more →

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Neckerchiefs: Don want to wrap those warm wooly scarves around your neck, well, neckerchiefs are the new way to protect your neck this cold season. To be bang on trend, look out for something in a cotton silk material it could be colourful and patterned. Another option is to simply tie on a bandana and let its tails hang loose… Read more →

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Your logo design needs to work in a variety of different dimensions. It should withstand being blown up to billboard proportions but agile enough to still look great when squeezed into a tiny box on social media. A professionally created vector graphic will scale properly where a graphic file can become distorted when resized. “The whole week was pretty magical.… Read more →

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Admittedly, the last word on Buzz marketing hasn’t been spoken yet. But this is what I have to say more than ever before, today there is a science behind creating brand Buzz. Content is key there must be a message that is conversation worthy. Mozart’s passion won the ears of many, but he died unsung. Then shrewd record companies made… Read more →

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But carbon pollution is a truly global problem. And Europe over the last century. As more and more nations move towards carbon pricing as a part of the solution by 2016 50 percent of the world’s fossil fuels will pay a carbon price nations won’t allow their competitors to undercut their prices by refusing to levy such prices. No I… Read more →

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Now, Panama played three tournaments in a row as they naturally also participated in the 2017 Gold Cup and released three more jerseys making this a very rich post. But don worry, as in 2016 there are also quite some commonalities here that allow us to make this post just a tad bit shorter than your five shirt post would… Read more →