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The underlying message is this: the slow demise of our own economy while China’s grows at a double digit rate is somehow the fault of the productivity of American worker. Yes, it is, they insist. You see, the American worker has priced himself out of competition in this global world. A:Manufacturing in New Hampshire, by research done just a year… Read more →

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The campaign begins with an engaging note, “some people don’t need hair to look beautiful.” It conveys that ‘Beauty is not skin deep’. Dabur Vatika also seeks to identify and present stories of more such brave women who can inspire millions more who are fighting this dreadful disease today. The company has announced that many more legs of the campaign… Read more →

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GoFundme or fundraiser/charity type links etc are not allowed unless involved in a story by a local and reputable news source. The reputable news source should be posted in that circumstance, and NOT a direct link to the fundraiser. The mods do not and can not verify these, and we are counting on local media to provide authenticity.. Embroidered Champion… Read more →

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Because you dumping high salinity water into a single point, not magically dispersing it back into the entire ocean all averaged out. It takes time to diffuse, so you have a huge dead area in the ocean surrounding the point that you put the salt back in. The salinity levels in the ocean are very critical for the health of… Read more →

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It was a clear, warm summer afternoon on Lake Chaubunagungamaug in Webster, Massachusetts. We were anchored in a quiet cove, playing a lively game of cribbage when I spotted a pair of eagles soaring high above us. It was as if they were playing a game of tag. When observing the lifespans of groups of people by country, the statistics… Read more →

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But this is not about income or investing. It’s about loss aversion and motivation. Within days of taking the bet, I realised my brain had been rewired: why go to the small grocery store across the park, my new brain said, when the larger one had the added virtue of being several blocks away?. 80s Punk Fashion:The 80’s saw the… Read more →