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PARIS Not so long ago, the fashion rumor mill had Virgil Abloh, the designer behind Off White, possibly heading to Givenchy. The air has since been taken out of that free floating balloon, but the mere existence of the conversation suggested that Abloh’s reputation for creativity and buzz had reached fairly heady heights. Thanks to his menswear, which forms the… Read more →

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There a nice paper by Philip Lane and Jay Shambaugh on financially weighted fx indexes that shows a pretty remarkably stable dollar index viewed through liability payment streams throughout the decades. For Canada they quite a conservative bunch economically so I wouldn think too much of the rate discrepancies they did fine when they lowered rates dramatically before everybody else… Read more →

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Democracy isn’t possible without the rule of law the idea that consistent principles, rather than a ruler’s whims, govern society. You can read Aristotle, Montesquieu, John Locke or the Declaration of Independence on this point. You can also look at decades of American history. It marked the first time that Facebook quarterly revenue has surpassed $US5 billion ($7.12 billion) more… Read more →

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Excerptobjectives were: to update and supplement earlier consumer data, confirmor refute existing anecdotes about the Missile Feeding System, provide foodpreference information for menu planning, and measure acceptance of foil packfoods at mealtimes. Food itself and the Site cook were considered veryimportant to wellbeing and morale. Preference ratings for traditionallyhigh preference foods were higher than obtained in other recent surveys of… Read more →