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Sparkle will be released in August. Continue reading this postFABLE FIGHT: Mirror Mirror vs. Wrath of the TitansIt’s a box office battle of mythic proportions this weekend as remixed fables and fairy tales go head to head. I tried running trainers (Vibram Five Fingers, to be exact) after reading the book. The idea is that these slim soled shoes allow… Read more →

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Whether your Rolodex delivers clients or not, you need to also develop other streams of customers. Introduce yourself to staffing companies in your area. Many times these companies have contract openings, at least a few months long, which can secure income for you. More Treatment for Muscle AtrophyAny kind of exercise program will easily alleviate the muscle shrinking and treat… Read more →

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(Privacy Policy)OpenxThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Rubicon ProjectThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)TripleLiftThis is an ad network. Essentially, spinning plarn means twisting it a million times to convert a flat plarn into tubular form. I have not tried spinning because I don’t know how to spin, don’t have the tools necessary for it, or the patience to keep… Read more →

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If you absolutely cannot transport your tutu flat, always fold it upside down. Pick the tutu up by the crotch so it hangs upside down, and slide it into the bag in that position. You’ll find you can compress it in this position for a short period, without spoiling the lift of the ruffles.. Some people are asked to come… Read more →

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1 point submitted 1 day agoThis could be a good thing. The Spanish channel version was starting to have terrible commentators. Jose Hernandez (he might not say it, but he likes Bara) maybe the ray Hudson of Spanish announcers, but without the crazy phrases ray likes to use. Just kiss itjust do it.” The other form is reversal through the… Read more →

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I just wanted to know why people blame Christians for so much. Some is warranted, and some not. However, I’m getting my answers. Note also that even though I derived the absoluteness of the speed of light in this post, nowhere did I talk about actual light. What we call the of light is a universal constant that has much… Read more →

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Liberals are about increasing the power of the federal government. There is no doubt about this in my mind and they are constantly looking for ways around the Constitution. Yet below Ginsburg suddenly cares about states rights (you should read the opinion; it’s amazing how much deference she summoned). I been trying to figure out whether these buildings will be… Read more →