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We learned in school that there are three common states of matter: solid, liquid or gaseous. Solids act the way they do because their molecules always maintain their orientation and stay in the same position with respect to one another. The molecules in liquids are just the opposite: They can change their orientation and move anywhere in the liquid. And… Read more →

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Despus, fue expulsado de Salnica (tras casarse con la Torah en una ceremonia considerada sacrlega), Atenas, Constantinopla y otras ciudades del Imperio Otomano, lo cual provoc que su fama creciese, hasta el extremo de que algunos rabinos e ilustres judos sefarditas le dieron su apoyo. Entre otros, destacaron Nehemiah Hiyya ben Moses Hayyun, Nathan de Gaza, Jacob Querido o Abraham… Read more →

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Who is at the top of all those sponsors? Who else but the one who saw the superstar that Bolt would become then Puma themselves. So with rumors spreading throughout multiple news articles and all over social media platforms that Bolt has recently inked a deal with competing apparel/footwear manufacturing giant Nike, why should his fans believe he left his… Read more →

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This leads to procrastination. Or some other unproductive action. Weeks later, when the conscious mind realizes what has transpired, the question is once again posed: “How do I stop procrastinating!”. It can be associated with the operation of an aircraft, which could affect the safety of operations. The first known aviation fatalities are the deaths of balloonists Piltre de Rozier… Read more →

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Ahora bien, retomando es bueno indicar que el silencio en torno a la iniciacin resulta clave; desde que somos vendados y llevados al cuarto de reflexin, se nos ensea, que slo a travs de la contemplacin, se puede acceder a las primeras verdades. Mismas, que es necesario desentraar poco a poco a travs del crecimiento interior. De igual forma, Cuando… Read more →

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Eilen juoksin 12km palauttavan 5.20 min/km sill tavalla, ett aluksi 6km 5.15 min/km vauhdilla ja sitten 5km 5.24 min/km, jonka jlkeen viimeinen kilsa koko ajan vauhtia hidastaen. Tss oli ihan toinen lhtkohta kuin esim. Kenialaisilla on. Not only LuLu lemon but all other stores are starting to get larger sections of work out gear for example: TJ max, Marshalls, Forever… Read more →